RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide – miniaturized, fast, cost efficient

Reliable and automized diagnostics for detecting delayed IgG food allergies

Do you search for an automated all-in-one IgG Food Allergy test for your laboratory? RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide offers you a complete solution: A microarray-enzyme-immunoassay (M-EIA) for the quantitative detection of food specific IgG antibodies from human blood samples – combined with reader, software and a comprehensive report.

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How does RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide work?

Test kit

Get the test kit from R-Biopharm here. One kit for 2 tests à 211 allergens – up to 6 tests in one ELISA plate format!

Test performance

Validated for ELISA automats (Dynex DS2). A manual workflow is of course also possible.

Reader & software

Highest quality reader with RIDASOFT® FoodGuide software enabling full connectivity, worklist generation and report creation.


The report includes a smart nutritional guide for the patient to deal with his delayed food allergies. See sample report here.



Miniaturized microarray technology that converts into standard ELISA format by our slide carrier.


Evaluation by a state-of-the-art microarray reader.

Time & cost saving

Reduces hands-on and hands-off time to perform the test. Cost efficient through the use of standard ELISA equipment.


Integrated IVD software.

All-in-one package

Automated IgG delayed food allergy test incl. reader, software and report.